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One of the premier personal injury law firms in the United States, with a distinguished history dating back to 1997, approached us with a goal of expanding operations and increasing their overall impact in the field of personal injury law. With a team of over 200 skilled professionals, including 50 experienced attorneys and a presence in 18 cities across the US, they sought to leverage the power of automation to achieve their ambitious goal of quadrupling in size within a year.

Upon being introduced to QuantumRhino by Nintex, the law firm engaged our assistance addressing their challenges with automated infrastructure management, specifically in document automation. What they ultimately received, however, was much more than just a solution to their specific needs; through our comprehensive approach and commitment to excellence, we were able to provide them with a holistic and transformative experience that exceeded their expectations.

With their aim to achieve a 400% employee growth over the next 12 months, it became clear the law firm needed technology capable of scaling alongside them. Their current platform and processes hindered progress due to complexities of the business, its myriad of moving parts and the large amount of people involved. What this resulted in were errors and inefficiencies that severely undercut their ability to achieve the desired rapid growth.

In order to address the challenges at hand, the QuantumRhino team broke the issues down into specific use-cases. We discussed how to approach each issue, first tackling version control for documents, document generation and then document storage. Once we established document workflow solutions, we moved on to correspondence management, customer relationship management, and ultimately tracking costs.

By focusing on these key areas we developed a comprehensive solution that is streamlined their operations, moving them closer to achieving their growth goals.

As a fundamental aspect of their digital transformation initiative, the firm was keen to track their return on investment and carefully monitor the cost of each individual case. In order to gain a deeper understanding of how the new platform and its integration solutions were being utilized across the firm, they wanted to know who was using it, when it was being used, and most importantly, how it was being used. As an example, they wanted to know which documents were printed in color or black and white for any given case, how many pages were involved, and which state the case was being handled in. To facilitate this analysis, we implemented automatic audit logging into their Salesforce platform, thereby enabling the collection of the necessary data and providing the insight they needed in order to make more informed decisions about their operations.

The Salesforce case management system QuantumRhino developed is characterized by its simplicity, extensibility, and scalability, allowing it to adapt to the company's future business needs as it grows. By consolidating from three vendors to a single, trusted partner, our client was able to streamline communication, increase accountability, and achieve value within a shorter timeframe. The platform is also equipped with features such as machine learning-powered document scanning, electronic signatures, and unlimited storage through cloud implementation which offers an overall 75% cost reduction.

Other partnerships

Alliance for Safety and Justice
Implementation of Nintex Drawloop DocGen within Salesforce and Adobe Sign, completely automating documentation processes.
The Helsing Group
Building and implementing solutions allowing users to visualize data utilizing Nintex reports based on needs and wants of respective HOA’s.
With QuantumRhino’s expertise, the sales and engineering teams rebuilt and automated the technology flow, enabling zero-touch merchant acquisitions.
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