What it means to be a QuantumRhino.


We are future-focused and goal-directed. We search for solutions and what is possible rather than focusing on why something can’t be accomplished. We do what it takes to do it right. We take risks, embrace failure, and learn from our mistakes.


We are self-aware and respectful. We are focused on delivering the right solutions for our customers, rather than placating our ego. We spend time listening and learning from others regardless of their title or background.


We take initiative to bring about positive results. We don’t wait for others to act. We are empowered, responsible, proactive, transparent, and dependable. We demonstrate to our teammates that they can trust us to do the right thing. We don’t stop learning.


We believe in the power of positive thinking–a mindset that focuses on optimistic and positive thoughts and expects positive results. We are confident and believe we can overcome any obstacle or challenge we face.

Our Founders

Meet the founders of QuantumRhino!

Chris Sinkwitz, MBA
CEO | Co-Founder

A technology executive for over two decades, Chris is known, respected, and sought after as an industry leader.

Chris Reynolds
CTO | Co-Founder

An expert in creating efficiency and eliminating redundant processes, Chris creates scalable systems through right-fit technology.

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