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Streamlining data management & optimizing sales.

Simultaneously edit multiple fields across standard and custom objects within Salesforce. Update large amounts of data in a single operation without significant technical know-how or training.


Worksheets Done Right

Data Management

Streamline your Salesforce data system, reducing the time and effort required for individual updates while increasing database efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface

With our intuitive worksheet interface, quickly select the records you want to update and make changes to any required fields.

Bulk Editing

Automate the process of updating large amounts of data in a single operation, using big data management and transformation tools to save time and effort.

Automation Features

Save your team valuable time by automating the process of making individual updates, and focus more energy on sales effectiveness and other essential tasks.

Snapshot Editing

You can take snapshots of your edits at any point, using data enrichment to review and save later.

Consulting Services

Partner with our data science consulting experts to fully utilize SheetWise’s automation and editing capabilities, leveraging our technology to work for you.

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