The Helsing Group

Building and implementing solutions allowing users to visualize data utilizing Nintex reports based on needs and wants of respective HOA’s.

Scalable Workflow Automations

The Helsing Group, a US based property management firm, encountered a time-sensitive issue regarding the transfer of data from Google Drive to Dropbox. This resulted in the increase of unnecessary processes for employees that was incurring a significant cost to the firm. They approached QuantumRhino to develop a secure Salesforce Lightning component to enable seamless editing of their custom data.

The solution was crafted with the specific needs of a Salesforce admin user in mind, with its structure facilitating the implementation of document workflow solutions for various automation processes. Through leveraging Salesforce security and Dropbox features, we finely controlled access to the component and ensured only authorized personnel were able to perform specific actions. This resulted in preserving data integrity while maintaining operational efficiency.

Theses improvements have successfully shown a significant increase in overall customer satisfaction of a noted 80% improvement, and also marked a reduction in customer support inquiries with an observed 60% decrease.

Furthermore, there has been a marked avoidance of unnecessary software licensing costs, resulting in a 38% reduction in expenditure and thus future cost savings.

By integrating processes, data, and technology across departments, The Helsing Group was able to modernize outdated processes and become more agile in responding to market changes.

Other partnerships

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