With QuantumRhino’s expertise, the sales and engineering teams rebuilt and automated the technology flow, enabling zero-touch merchant acquisitions.

Zero-touch Merchant Acquisition

A major player in the buy now, pay later marketplace was experiencing problems with its sales team's ability to enroll and onboard new merchants. The issue at hand was that data submitted by interested merchants on the front-end application form was not flowing correctly into the company's back-end Salesforce CRM database. This created severe delays for processing and required consistent engineering support to resolve, with the end-result being a highly manual and time-consuming process.

While frustrating for the sales and engineering teams, the issue also reduced confidence from merchant’s in the company's data integrity.

The problem was exacerbated by the company’s aggressive growth plan, leaving the sales team struggling to meet targets and the engineering team tied up in data issues. With little alignment across technologies and no automation of their key systems with limited analytical capabilities, the company needed a trusted partner with technical expertise to solve these bottle necks so they could focus on their longer-term growth strategy.

QuantumRhino stepped in to design and implement infrastructure solutions, forcing the technology flow of the merchant sign-up process to require absolutely no manual effort.

This eliminated the need to search for lost data, manually enter account details or provision merchants. We were able to significantly shorten the merchant acquisition cycle from multiple days to just seconds by implementing these smart designs. The automated procurement for acquisitions and onboarding required no manual effort from the sales and engineering teams, saving days of work and making it easier for prospective merchants to join the client’s platform. This also improved the integrity around the company’s data, allowing the respective teams involved to focus on selling, building analytics, and driving innovation.

Overall, we helped our client achieve scale and improve their market share in the buy now, pay later marketplace.

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