Beazer Homes

QuantumRhino’s consultative, business-first approach helped accelerate Beazer Homes sales pipeline and sustain a 16% revenue growth.

Future-Proof Automation Solution

Beazer Homes, a successful homebuilder in the United States, was facing challenges in maintaining a 16% revenue growth and accelerating its sales pipeline. To generate more sales leads, the company's marketing team had produced content for six marketing channels. This process was slowed down by the legal team's necessary review of all materials for regulatory compliance.

Additionally, Beazer struggled with producing accurate reports due to unstructured documents, siloed data, and an outdated tech stack. The company needed to find a way to launch new promotions and campaigns quickly while also addressing technical challenges and protecting itself from potential regulatory and financial risks.

To streamline and improve the efficiency of its processes, here at QuantumRhino we helped Beazer Homes implement Nintex Drawloop, a system that allows for the dynamic generation of documents through the push of a button. This greatly simplified the process of creating and distributing important documents such as contracts and legal disclosures.

We also helped implement Nintex Workflow Cloud, a platform for automated data management that allows the right data to flow to the right people at the right time.

To improve efficiency and productivity, Beazer Homes carried out an extensible, future-proof business automation solution that provided a single source of truth for data, resulting in cost savings and improved internal productivity. The company also standardized documents and processes across multiple departments, promoting increased efficiency and the ability to scale productivity.

Additionally, we helped Beazer modernize its technology stack, lowering their support costs and increasing the responsiveness of internal IT teams.

By aligning processes, data, and technology across departments, the company was able to execute marketing campaigns much quicker and respond more effectively to market changes.

Lastly, our team implemented Nintex DocGen and Adobe Sign to streamline the process of generating vendor agreement documents. Previously, the process of entering all the required fields for these documents was time-consuming, but Nintex DocGen saved time by automatically pulling data from Salesforce to populate the fields.

This new solution allows for easy document generation by tagging the documents with Salesforce fields and creating a better document workflow solutions for the company.

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